• Design for scale

    • Receive $50,000 in seed funding.
    • Spend 4 months in San Francisco working alongside other founders.
    • Travel to Shenzhen, China for factory tours and networking.
    • Develop your prototype into a manufacturable product.
  • Be at the Heart of Tech

    • 24/7 access to our 10,000 sq/ft workspace and workshops.
    • Work and play with fellow hardware entrepreneurs.
    • Take part in the vibrant San Francisco startup ecosystem.
  • Work with Experts

    • Three on-site, full-time manufacturing engineers.
    • Workshops include 3D printing and laser cutting equipment.
    • Electronic prototyping and testing lab.
  • Connect with China

    • Visits from PCH Shenzhen manufacturing engineers.
    • 10 day China trip for factory tours and networking.
  • Attract investment

    • Networking and introductions to bay area investors and VCs.
    • Demo Day - pitch to a select audience of VCs and press.
  • Deliver real value

    • Produce batch prototypes for testing in field trials.
    • Quickly validate and refine your product.
    • Deep bench of customer research mentors.
  • Delight the customer

    • Access to world-class bay area product design agencies.
    • Develop your brand experience across hardware and software.
  • Make and Sell at Scale

    • Price your production, assembly and packaging accurately.
    • De-risk your supply chain and manufacturing.
    • Manage your production cash-flow.
  • Design for Sustainability

    • Consult with the PCH Sustainability team.
    • Understand efficient design, processes, chemical use and materials.
    • Optimize the environmental impact of your product.

You’ve got a prototype. We’ve got a roadmap.

Highway1, a division of PCH, is a hardware startup accelerator located in San Francisco looking for great hardware startups with exciting business ideas and compelling prototypes. We help you design products that deliver real value to customers, are delightful to use, and can be manufactured at scale. Learn more.

Check out the preview video for our January 2014 demo day earlier this year.

  Highway1 is featured in Episode 9 of Incubated from TechCrunch TV. Watch here.

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