Throwback Thursday

What’s New, Skylock?

Taking the lead in crowdfunded bike locks and bikesharing

What have you been up to since Demo Day? Where have you and/or your team been spending most of your time/energy?
Since Demo Day we’ve unveiled Skylock, presold lots of units, raised some funds, and built out our team. Today, most of our time and energy is spent on refining the hardware and software so we can wow our customers. We’re engineering the best portable smart lock in the world.

How’s it going?
We took the lead in crowdfunded bike locks. While consumer bike locks are a niche space, the implications of bikesharing are huge. We’ve been approached by many enterprise customers to build out the first flexible and distributed bikeshare fleet, and we’re hard at work on making that a reality.

What’s your next milestone?
Our next immediate milestone is building out the engineering verification test (EVT) unit. Skylock is a very integrated hardware product, and we’re spending a lot of time in firmware, design for manufacturing, and design for assembly to get Skylock ready for production. Our next milestones after that are design verification testing (DVT), production verification testing (PVT), and then fulfillment.

What’s your biggest surprise been since Demo Day?
Our biggest surprise since Demo Day is that going from prototype to product is really really hard. Not only does everything need to work, but the product also needs to be manufacturable at the right cost. Then there’s certification, packaging, shipping and logistics, distribution, retail, apps, PR, advertising, website, social media, etc…

Let’s talk about your biggest surprise win.
Our biggest win was growing the team. Building a full hardware and software team has allowed us to move faster and engineer things properly.

How about your biggest challenge?
The biggest challenge has been to achieve everything we set out to do. Building a hardware company is not for the faint of heart.

Has anything about your company’s vision shifted since Demo Day?
Yes. We’re now more focused on building a B2C bikeshare services company. Skylock provides us the leverage to test out that business model.

What are you most looking forward to?
Shipping. Getting our customers to use Skylock will be the most rewarding day of our lives.

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