Throwback Thursday

Cubetto Crowdfunds Up a Storm

Teaching programming through play

It's #TBT again, and this week we are checking in on Primo Toys, which recently launched a Kickstarter campaign.

tbt cubetto demo day

Primo Toys was a member of the Fall 2015 class. Above we see co-founder and CEO Filippo Yacob at Demo Day, where the final Cubetto prototype got what Filippo recalls as "a stern but quietly approving look" from Highway1's Brady Forrest.

tbt cubetto packing

The company joined Highway1 after finishing a preliminary crowd funding campaign. While part of the team spent time at Highway1, the rest of the Primo Toys team was back in the U.K. hand-building and shipping units to their early backers.

What have they been up to since Demo Day?

tbt cubetto ks 03162016

Primo Toys launched a new Kickstarter campaign for their finished product, which they refined at Highway1. Their campaign blew past $100,000 in a record 17 hours and is now well over $400,000.

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