Throwback Thursday

FlipFlic Opens Your Blinds to the Smart Home

Let's make window blinds smarter

This week on #TBT, we shine a light on Fall 2015 graduate FlipFlic. FlipFlic launched on Kickstarter this Tuesday, offering a simple way to integrate your existing window blinds into the smart home.

flipflic tbt before hwy1

FlipFlic entered Highway1 with a beta device seen above, which they sold to more than 100 early crowd funding backers.

flipflic tbt demo day

In the photo above, we see how their device was transformed in the four months at Highway1. The form factor was greatly reduced and improved for manufacturability.



As we see in the .GIF above, FlipFlic is easy to install, snapping directly onto your existing window blinds.

flipflic tbt family photo

After installed, you can use the app to program your blinds to open or close based on current light or temperature conditions as measured by the device, or by a predetermined schedule. It can even be charged by sunlight.

Make your windows smarter and start saving time and energy; back FlipFlic on Kickstarter now.

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