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XO is an app-connected fashion brand. The company’s products are made for Gen Z, the 10 to 25­-year-­old consumers who love fashion, music and gaming.

Wearers of XO fashion can customize the look of their garment to match their unique style, selecting content from their favorite influencers, brands and music artists through the XO App.

The power behind the XO fashion line is the XO Tag, a small piece of low-cost hardware that can be embedded into a range of clothing and accessories.

The XO Tag allows users to customize the color of their clothes as well as offer notifications through haptic feedback, all controlled by the XO App.

The XO Team

XO is the brainchild of Nancy Tilbury and Benjamin Males, both graduates of the Royal College of Art in London and pioneers in wearable technology.

Nancy spent a decade at Philips Electronics, where she established the company’s wearable technology program.

Nancy and Benjamin joined forces in 2011 and have created high-profile couture technologies for artists and brands including Haus of Gaga, Arcade Fire, Black Eyed Peas, Pepsi, Disney, Intel and more.

Lady Gaga joined XO as an advisor in May 2016, formalizing a longstanding creative partnership, lending to the company her artistic vision and guidance in technology for stage, performance and fashion.

Instagram for the Body, Spotify for the Wardrobe. We've dressed the artist now we're dressing the crowd.

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