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Podo Labs has created the world’s first “stick and shoot,” a small camera that can stick anywhere, liberating the selfie from its poorly-framed, arm’s-length, bathroom mirror roots.

Just slap Podo onto a wall, window, or anything else you can think of and you’re good to go: its micro-suction pad is safe, temporary, and won’t degrade.

How Podo worked with Highway1
At the start of the program, Podo’s camera was working, but far from finished. “We had a functioning but not-fully-integrated prototype,” is how company president Eddie Lee remembers it. “We had the pieces proven separately, but not in one package.”

Not a bad start, but there was a lot to do, and according to Lee, “We couldn’t afford an office at the beginning, so just having a place to collaborate together was really valuable.” That, and being able to work alongside others on the same journey: “I think our class was really great; we met a lot of good people and companies.”

Lee looks back on the trip to China the most fondly, “going there with a bunch of other people who’re excited about similar goals and seeing factories firsthand. I felt like you wouldn’t be able to get that kind of access without the in that PCH has.”



Their journey from prototype through to Demo Day at Highway1

“We loved it,” Lee says of the Highway1 experience as a whole. The most valuable thing he learned? There were too many to choose from: “Taking your prototype to something manufacturable, managing a schedule, how to communicate with factories, the sorts of growing pains you could learn the hard way; Highway1 helped us avoid some major pitfalls.


It gives you someone to talk to about shipping or your tooling — rather than hiring a whole in-house team or trying to build the expertise ourselves, Highway1 had a lot of mentors we could reach out to directly for help.”

TechCrunch Interview

Eddie Lee of Podo Labs spoke to TechCrunch on the day of their Kickstarter launch

After a successful launch, Podo joined PCH Access and is shooting for an on-time ship date in August.

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