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Lully, a Y Combinator and venture-backed startup, is improving sleep for all ages.

Their first product, the Lully Sleep Guardian, prevents night terrors before they occur, allowing both child and parent to sleep through the night.

Night terrors affect 1.5 million children every year in the U.S. Using a small device placed under the mattress, the Sleep Guardian learns your child’s sleep pattern and recognizes when they are entering an unhealthy state of sleep, a precursor to night terrors. The Sleep Guardian then uses gentle vibrations to keep the child healthily asleep.

Parents can track their child’s sleep through the connected Lully app. Lully is the result of research conducted at Stanford University’s Biodesign program, and spun out of the Stanford StartX accelerator.

Founders Varun Boriah and Andy Rink, M.D., met as fellows in the Stanford Biodesign program in 2013.

Varun, a mechanical engineer with experience in the medical device industry and founder of CardioCanary, and Andy, a physician and inventor of the PerQPlug, a medical device he licensed to a manufacturer, were compelled by the need to improve sleep for the millions of people who don’t sleep well at night.

Lully is set to begin shipping its first full commercial product, the Lully Sleep Guardian, in June of this year.

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