The Home for Hardware Entrepreneurs

4 months, 1 goal

You’ve got a Product, We’ve got a Road Map

We’re looking for the world’s best hardware startups.  We work with entrepreneurs who are passionate about design, brand and the consumer experience.

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Why Apply to Highway1

Maximize fundraising opportunities

  • Investment Capital – Up to $100,000 per team for 8% equity or $50,000 per team for 5%.
  • Due diligence meetings with VCs and industry experts.

Product Development at Warp Speed

  • Support from ME, EE, and FW engineers.
  • Access to product design and development, manufacturing at scale, fulfillment, distribution, inventory management and retail expertise.

Learn how to manufacture

  • Benefit from PCH's 21 years of experience in manufacturing at scale in China.
  • Learn from supply chain managers and packaging experts.

Design at the Core

  • Introductions to world-class industrial designers.
  • Emphasis on designing and engineering your product for mass manufacturing.

Business Development

  • Refine your story with professional coaches.
  • Curriculum taught by industry experts in fundraising, marketing, retail, product and business development.

Community and connections

  • Connect with our network of hundreds of alumni, mentors, and vendors.

Our Program Timeline

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Goal Setting

We work with you to define your product and business goals for the program.

Business Development & Storytelling

We provide a unique curriculum delivered by experts in legal, retail, user research, brand, marketing, manufacturing and inventory management. Our consultants spend hours helping you perfect your story for your investors and consumer base.

Manufacturing At Scale

Learn from PCH's 21 years of expertise in product development, manufacturing, fulfillment and global distribution.

Develop Your Go-to-Market Strategy

Work with us to define, investigate, and prioritize your key market segments and build a strong foundation for your company.

Demo Day

Demonstrate your product and present your company vision in front of a select audience of investors, media, and other VIPs.

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Collaborate and Accelerate

For the duration of the program, your team will be surrounded by hardware experts, mentors, and fellow entrepreneurs and founders.

Highway1 in the News

Read what’s being said about Highway1 and our portfolio companies.

Join the hardware renaissance at Highway1

A division of PCH, Highway1 was established in September 2013 and is widely viewed as one of the premier hardware accelerators in the world. Highway1 encourages startups to rigorously test their products with customers, validate their market assumptions, and work with world-class industrial designers. Increasingly, many of the companies selected for the Highway1 program have already raised initial venture funds and shipped products. These companies are best able to take advantage of PCH’s product development, manufacturing and global supply chain network.

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