Prototyper of the Week

OBE Levels Up

A new integration for more flexibility

Every week, we recognize the Highway1 team that was most active in the lab with the prestigious Prototyper of the Week award.

This week's winner is OBE, which is creating a garment that allows users to interact in VR worlds. Here to tell the team's story in his own words is CTO Juan Pedro Gil:

"We've been working on an SDK for our jacket that can be used with Unity, a widely-used platform for developing 3D games, to build a new demo for VR applications to show off some of the jacket's capabilities. This meant upgrading the garment's integration -- electronics, firmware, and so on -- and it took a lot of testing and fixing. Previous demos were able to showcase only some of the jacket's features. Now that we're using a more universal protocol for communication between the garment and a game environment, we want to try our hand at making some of our own experiences to show off more of its functionality. Every member of the team has something to contribute throughout the process, and we're always merging and improving ideas."


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