PCH Access

PCH Access gives hardware startups access to capabilities normally exclusive to Fortune 500 companies. With decades of experience in bringing products to market PCH can reduce the barriers to market entry so that passionate teams can thrive.

Select teams avail of:
• Premium expertise in product design, engineering, manufacturing and fulfillment
• Startup friendly finance and credit terms
• A lean supply chain with unique distribution and channel capabilities

All factors are designed to align PCH with the startups success, ensuring extremely high quality and dramatic risk reduction in bringing new innovative products to market.

How does PCH Access relate to incubation and accelerator programs?

PCH Access is an optimal path to manufacturing from accelerators like Highway1. PCH Access is also highly complementary to other incubation and acceleration programs which typically focus on developing an idea and business model, and perhaps reaching a prototype.

PCH Access focuses on helping you go from near final prototype to a refined product delivered to your customers via world class product development and engineering resources, socially and environmentally responsible manufacturing and kitting facilities, and a flexible fulfillment infrastructure. We can also handle online and offline distribution to retail worldwide.

Participants have access to PCH’s unique business model which has enabled the disruption of traditional supply chain models, contributing to the success of many of the world’s largest technology brands.

PCH Access tailors these same services for early hardware startups. Successful participants will enter a rigorous and carefully managed process that offers customers the most efficient development time with the largest global reach and the leanest supply chain inventories.

How many participants do you have in the PCH Access program?

Due to proprietary and intellectual property concerns we can’t disclose all PCH Access companies in the program until they choose to announce their products.
As this is a bespoke, collaborative program using experienced resources, we only accept a select number of highly qualified projects.

What is the engagement model for PCH Access?

Generally we expect that participants will already have at least seed funding in place or in progress before applying to join PCH Access.

For product development related services such as industrial design, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, prototyping, design for manufacturing and tooling, PCH Access can make in-kind investments via conversion of NRE.

For manufacturing, kitting, and fulfillment, start-ups will benefit from access to PCH’s well-established, experienced supply chain ecosystem that is utilized by the world’s best brands. A PCH Access line of credit may be available to defer manufacturing costs until after shipment to customers.

Do you have a US presence?

David Austin, VP PCH Access, is based in San Francisco, and is supported by a team in the US, Europe and Shenzhen, Southern China.



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