Demo Day

Spring 2016 Demo Day

After an untold number of prototypes, tests, and hours of lost sleep, Demo Day arrived for the Spring 2016 class.

Doors opened at 9 AM to allow a small sea of investors and press to wash in. The stage was set with the video below, which tells the story of a few of the startups in this class.

Highway1 Demo Day 6

blumio dd 1440x600

Catherine Liao, CEO of Blumio, led off with their wearable sensor for continuous blood pressure monitoring.

calliope dd 1440x600

Up next was Keri Waters, CEO of Calliope. Their IoT home water meter, Buoy, tracks your household water use, detects leaks, and integrates with your existing smart home tech to help you save money and optimize water usage.

courtmatics dd 1440x600

Andre Reznik of Courtmatics presented their smart dampener that will help tennis players track and improve their game.

xo dd 1440x600

Benjamin Males and XO will enable Generation Z to wear the internet with app connected fashion. 

cocoon cam dd 1440x600

 Cocoon Cam, presented by Rubi Sanchez, is a baby monitor capable of detecting vital signs, giving parents piece of mind. 

openbike dd 1440x600

Randall Jacobs of OpenBike shows how their on-bike operating system will make new safety, security, and convenience features not only possible, but accessible.

okio dd 1440x600

For parents who want to keep in touch with their 5-12-year-old without handing them a cellphone, there’s Okio.

OBE dd 1440x600

Standard-issue videogame controllers are Stone Age technology for interacting with VR environments. OBE‘s tech-integrated jacket turns your whole body into a controller.

sensassure dd 1440x600

Sensassure is modernizing senior care, starting with a problem that affects 50% of long-term care residents, incontinence.

crowd dd 1440x600

The California weather cooperated yet again, providing a comfortably warm, sunny day in which investors, press, and startups could get to know each other over sliders from Me So Hungry or a burrito bowl courtesy of Tacos El Tuca. It was the perfect end to Highway1’s sixth class. 

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