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Week One has begun!

They’re here: week one has officially kicked off for our Fall 2015 class, and we gathered some first impressions after day one!

“We’ve been loving it; I’ve already learned a ton of stuff I came here to learn,” says Lonny Grafman of Canary Instruments. “The space is awesome, the cohort is great — we love our neighbors — and we’ve gotten lots of great feedback.”


DotDashPay’s Joey Mucha agrees: “It’s exciting to be around the cohort, the mentors, and have access to the shop and all this positive entrepreneurial energy. We’re getting the business fired up after having worked in a vacuum for a long time.”

Working alongside other startups is important to Brad Philippi of ZBoard, too. “There’s a lot to learn from the Highway1 staff, but also the other companies, who are in different stages — some further along, some further behind — not to mention different industries.”

Asimmetric’s David Wilson is excited to be at the center of the Hardware Renaissance. “The immediate goal is getting over jet lag,” he chuckles. “We’re from South Africa and Dubai and Lebanon, and we just arrived in San Francisco Saturday night. What’s really exciting is that we’re now at the epicenter of the tech world, the hardware world, the startup world. We’ve read news from Silicon Valley every day for years, and to actually be here is surreal.”

This is just the beginning. I wonder if we should’ve issued seatbelts to every startup with the motto BUCKLE UP on the strap?


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