Throwback Thursday

Loop Then and Now

Five classes have completed the Highway1 program. Where are they now?

Today we catch up with Loop, a graduate of our second class, making a personal photo display that allows you to stream and share photos from all of your favorite sources. First let’s take a look back on what they were working on at Highway1.

loop tbt then 01

A Loop engineer fine-tuning the gesture sensor software in the Highway1 shop.

loop tbt then 02

A view of the back of the works-like model.

loop tbt then 03a

Ready for Demo Day, we see the works-like and looks-like prototypes side by side.

What has Loop been up to since finishing Highway1?

loop now 01

Testing a new custom board designed for their alpha unit program.

loop now 02

The new prototype on a photoshoot.

loop now 03

Loop’s booth at the Pepcom showcase prior to CES this January.

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