Throwback Thursday

The Prototyper Of The Week Award

This week’s Throwback Thursday seems like a good time to introduce everybody to the Prototyper of the Week Award.

This award was handed out every Thursday by Steve Cooley (our shop manager and machinist) to a particularly deserving startup. “It’s been really nice to be able to recognize people who are really working hard in the shop and pushing boundaries,” he says.

Steve added…

“The top part of the trophy is Delrin. The base is a scrap block of wood. It wasn’t quite thick enough, so I had to fill the gap between the two halves with a piece of Butterboard, which we use to prototype things with, and two sheets of sandpaper; it’s really kind of a sandwich of prototyping. It’s rough and dirty and unrefined, and that’s exactly what prototyping is about: it’s not about getting something that’s pretty, it’s about getting something done.”


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