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The Highway1 2016 Holiday Gift Guide

Stocking stuffers and life upgrades for everyone

“Just hear those sleigh bells jingling, ring-ting-tingling toooooooo;
C’mon, let’s all get together for a hardware endeavor or twooooooo …”

Whether or not you’re a cutting-edge hardware entrepreneur, we want to help you shop like one by connecting you with great deals from up-and-coming companies with cool gadgets who just happen to be distinguished alumni of the Highway1 program.


Drop – Drop is busy connecting the world’s kitchen appliances, starting with their flagship product the Drop Scale. Use code HIGHWAY1 at checkout for 10% off.


Birdi – Birdi’s smoke sensors excel in detecting both fast-burning and smoldering fires while minimizing false alarms. Check it out.


Navdy – With Navdy, you can stay connected to your network, your car, and the road ahead — all at once. Get yours today.


Lattis – Lattis’s first product, Ellipse, is a smart bike lock designed for the future with theft alert, keyless entry, and self charging capabilities. Buy yours here.


Wearhaus – The Wearhaus Arc is the first pair of wireless headphones that allow you to sync up with multiple nearby friends and listen together. Order now.


Jewelbots – Jewelbots are programmable friendship bracelets that teach kids ages 7-14 to code. Get yours here.


Switchmate – Switchmate allows you to control your home lighting from your phone through a do-it-yourself one-second installation — no tools, no wiring, and no WiFi needed. Shop here.


Lully – Lully’s Sleep Guardian 2 is a vibrating pod placed under a child’s mattress that uses precisely-timed vibrations to stop night terrors. Check it out.


Chronos – Meet Chronos, the smart disc that attaches to the back of any watch to deliver worry-free notifications. Order now.


Primo – Cubetto is the award-winning coding toy for girls and boys three and up. Get yours now.


CocoonCam – Cocoon Cam is a smart video monitor that continuously checks your baby’s chest movements and sends you alerts if irregularities are detected. Check out the baby monitor here.


Thermaltake powered by Coolchip – For serious PC gamers who want a high-performance, whisper-quiet cooling solution for their processors, there’s the Thermaltake Engine 27, powered by CoolChip’s Kinetic Cooling technology. Get it now.


Ringly – One of our first graduates, Ringly makes smart rings and bracelets that effortlessly track your steps, distance, and calories burned without sacrificing your style. Shop different styles here.


Flic – Flic from Shortcut Labs is an endlessly programmable button you can configure to make your life simpler with a single touch. Shop now.


Podo – Put that selfie stick away and free up your arms for total self-expression. Get your Podo here.

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