Tom Dair

Tom is a creative leader who is passionate about working with clients, stakeholders and design teams to deliver innovative and meaningful solutions to complex problems.

As a design strategy consultant, Tom seeks opportunities to collaborate with organizations—from startups to enterprises—to guide the development of innovative products and services, user experiences, and the building of design teams and capabilities.

Tom helps startups turn thought into reality around how (and why) design can give their business a competitive advantage. He specializes in design leadership, design thinking, creative direction, strategic design, user experience, design research, human factors, universal design, design for manufacturing, client relationships, business development, resource hiring and management.

Tom was previously President and Founding Partner of Smart Design from 1980 to 2015. Smart Design is a strategic design and innovation consultancy specializing in product development, interactive experiences and brand communications. At Smart, Tom contributed to all aspects of the business including studio management, creative leadership, culture growth, client relationships, and business development. To address unique design challenges, he pioneered methods to inform the design process through the understanding of human behavior and perceptions, business factors, and technology trends.

Tom has been granted 22 patents to date in the areas of healthcare, consumer products, technology, and accessories. Several patents are currently pending.

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