Sohail Prasad

Sohail has an extensive background in product management, engineering, and business.

Sohail is the Founder & CEO of Equidate, the leading marketplace for equity in private companies.  As an eighteen-year-old, he was among the youngest founders to go through Y Combinator. Over the years, Sohail has advised and invested in a number of startups, including notable startups such as Zenefits and Coin. He continues to invest actively through S2 Capital, and serves as its Founding Partner. Prior to founding Equidate, Sohail managed mobile product at Zynga. He previously joined mobile advertising firm Chartboost as its second engineering hire, and has held roles at Google and the MIT Media Lab. Sohail was awarded TCU’s Texas Youth Entrepreneur of the Year award in 2010. He previously attended Carnegie Mellon University where he studied Electrical & Computer Engineering.

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