Ryan Vinyard

I give teams technical support on mechanical engineering challenges, but overall, I try to ensure everyone's making progress on their prototypes, and that they're on track to have a great showing for Demo Day.

You’d be hard pressed to catch him at his desk; Ryan’s almost always at someone else’s workbench, helping one of our startups work out a solution to one predicament or another.

“Prototypes typically do not work the first time,” he says. “A lot of the burden of hardware is integration. It’s easy to lay things out on a Gantt chart: the hardware, mechanisms, software. Then, when it’s time to put all these things together, say a sensor on my board gives me a faulty reading. What’s causing it?”

Originally hired out of product design and engineering firm Lime Lab when Highway1 first started, Ryan’s been with PCH for years. He’s seen every Highway1 class go through the program from start to finish; his accumulated experience, combined with a level-headed, nimble approach to problem solving, has been invaluable to all our startups.

Whether you’ve got a real stumper on your hands and need a fresh perspective or just want to know whether someone else has already solved the issue you’re working on, Ryan’s your go-to guy.

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