Ron Evans

Ron Evans is an award-winning software developer who has been active in the free and open source community for over 20 years.

As “Ringleader” of The Hybrid Group, he helps clients such as Intel, Sphero, and Pebble solve some of their most difficult technical and business problems.

Ron has been a keynote speaker or presenter at conferences such as Maker Faire, OSCON, GopherCon, JSConf, RubyConf, FutureRuby, Ignite, L.A. Ruby Conference, Scottish Ruby Conf, and MagmaConf.

He has been featured in Wired, Vice, Computerworld, and many other publications, as well as having written articles for MSNBC and BYTE Magazine. Ron is an active contributor to many open source projects and created the robotics/IoT frameworks Cylon.js, Artoo & Gobot, along with the award-winning KidsRuby, free software to help teach Ruby programming to kids.

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