Highway1 Team

Renee Shenton

As our community manager, Renee Shenton might be the busiest person at Highway1.

Renee Shenton might be the busiest person at Highway1. We’ve built a vast web of connections including but not limited to our alumni,partner companies, mentors, sponsors, thought leaders, and organizations with whom we’ve hosted events; at the center of that web sits Renee, our community manager, hosting events, forging new partnerships, and nurturing existing ones.

Renee’s also the one our startups turn to when it comes time to think about connecting with the outside world through social media. As the person who runs Highway1’s social media, “I get asked a lot about what content teams should be putting out to the world. They want to know what’s going to engage their users/audience, and how to approach social channels strategically.”

There’s never been a dull moment, she says: “The biggest challenge in hardware right now is access to resources. Everyone wants to make, but they may not have the right equipment, tools, materials, or guidance available to them. That’s where Highway1 comes in: we put the startups in a collaborative space where they can learn, make, and succeed.

Everyone is really interested in what we’re doing here, and they want to get involved in some capacity. It’s easy to find ambassadors and advocates because of the great projects coming out of Highway1.”

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