Mentors - Business & Marketing

Mike Lin

Mike works at the intersection of business, design, and sustainability.

Mike Lin is the founder and chairman of Fenix International Inc., a leading renewable energy company working at the intersection of hardware and mobile payments to bring power and solar financing to over 250,000 people. Mike grew Fenix to over 350 employees and has raised over $20M in venture capital for Fenix from strategic telecom and energy investors including Orange France Telecom, Schneider Electric, and Engie.

Mike is a serial entrepreneur and has lectured on design and engineering at Stanford as well as entrepreneurship at Yale. Mike has worked with Apple on environmental technologies and Al Gore on the “Inconvenient Truth” presentation. Mike has been awarded over $1.5M in grants and has also received awards from BusinessWeek, Popular Science, the Rockefeller Foundation, Aspen Institute, GSMA, and the US Environmental Production Agency. Mike earned an MS and BS in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University.

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