Marcus Gosling

Marcus was Highway1's Design lead for 2 years and now mentors teams on product validation and design.

“I’m a designer who’s really interested in new business creation, and who sees design as a part of the puzzle.”

You can’t go from a team working out of someone’s garage to a household name without thinking about design. If you’ve never thought about it before, Marcus can help you start. “That’s what I think about when I talk to companies here: not just ‘Is it pretty?’ but ‘Why are people gonna love this and tell their friends they can’t do without it?'”

Any team can build a prototype that works, but according to Marcus, “often they haven’t gotten super far in the product design, the visual language, the details that will delight people.”

While they’re at Highway1, he says, is where the transformation happens. “It’s a great time to do the industrial design, ’cause they’re starting to do the engineering; you want to be able to do those things in parallel.

Lots of times they’ll come in with a 3D-printed neutral box in beige or blue. By the time they leave, they’ve got a beautiful form model of what the product would actually look like, done by a world class ID partner, and they’re really able to tell the story of what the experience is going to be with the product.”

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