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Madelynn Martiniere

Madelynn Martiniere is in the business of community engineering for technology companies.

Over the past 5 years, Madelynn has worked alongside both startups and large corporations alike to bring about the new hardware revolution. Through strategic communications, partnerships, and programming, her methodologies bridge the gap between the maker movement and scalable enterprises.

Currently Madelynn is the Director of Community at Fictiv, a manufacturing platform helping engineers and designers build the next generation of hardware products. Prior to Fictiv, she founded Spark Plug Labs, a communications consulting firm that consulted with both startup and enterprise technology companies on how to build sustainable communities, build confidence in their brand, and create compelling stories. She has facilitated strategic partnerships and sponsorships with companies including Mercedes-Benz, Element14, RadioShack, Texas Instruments, and United Airlines. Her companies and clients have gotten press from Forbes, TechCrunch, VentureBeat, Gigaom, Discovery Channel, Make Magazine, and more.

As a founder, director, and member of several hackerspaces, she continues to encourage media, government, and corporate partners to engage with the maker movement and the future of manufacturing. She is a regular advisor and speaker about engineering communities, the new industrial revolution, and open source hardware.

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