Highway1 Team

Kurt Dammermann

Kurt has helped ship iconic consumer electronic products over a 20-year career; he's here to help your startup, too.

Kurt Dammermann knows hardware. A Northwestern-educated mechanical engineer with a master’s in product design from Stanford, Kurt helped develop core technology for the iPod and the first iPhone, and launched Astro Gaming’s line of high-end gaming accessories. Later, as co-founder of PCH Lime Lab, Kurt made it his mission to help startups bring well-designed products to market without compromising on quality. As Vice President of Highway1, that mission hasn’t changed — just expanded. In his words, Kurt will be busy “finding companies with a great vision and introducing them to the resources they’re going to need to make it all the way to launch.”

Building a successful startup is all about identifying and minimizing risk. “Startups want to accelerate and get to market as soon as possible,” Kurt remarks. “With a hardware product, every time you take a shortcut in product development or manufacturing, you take on risk. Successful startups will identify risk in a clear way and only take the ones that are absolutely necessary.”

As VP of Highway1, Kurt relishes being able to add value to the Highway1 startups. “People and startups are going to come to us with a vision, and we have to help them figure out how they can achieve it technically, how they can meet the right people to fund them, and how to explain what they’re trying to do.”

What’s Kurt excited about when he looks into the future of hardware? “There are always new things on the horizon. I’m interested in AI and how natural language interfaces are going to change the way we interact with all of our hardware.”

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