Jyri Engestrom

Jyri is a Finnish entrepreneur who is best known as the co-founder and Chairman of Jaiku.

Jaiku grew into the leading European mobile social network and pioneered the sharing of location information, status updates, and activity streams on smartphones.

Jaiku was bought by Google in 2007. At Google Jyri Engestrom was responsible for mobile applications and Google’s efforts to become a social destination on the Web and mobile.

He left Google to found, a mobile local recommendations business, which he sold to Groupon in 2012. At Groupon he served as the Director of Product Management responsible for Groupon’s point of sale business.

Prior to Jaiku, Engestrom worked as Senior Product Manager, Internet Handhelds at Nokia. He holds patents in remote content delivery, content prioritization, and RF tag reading capabilities in mobile devices.

Born in Helsinki, Finland, he graduated with a Master’s degree in Social Science from the University of Helsinki and pursued PhD studies at Lancaster University Management School in the UK. He is noted for coining the term ‘social object’ to refer to photos, links, and other shareable Web content.

He is the co-creator of Drone Games, an open source programming competition advancing the ethical use of autonomous flying drones, and an investor/advisor in several businesses.

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