Highway1 Team

Julio Muñoz

Getting the guts of your gadget going

Without an electrical engineer, your device doesn’t happen. Period. Luckily, Highway1 has Julio Muñoz on staff. With over 15 years of experience in developing consumer and automotive products, Julio’s had just about every role an EE can take on, from design engineer to engineering manager to co-founder and even CEO.

“With all that’s involved in developing a great product, it’s difficult for a startup to excel in every area needed,” Julio says, “which is one of the advantages of being at Highway1. My role is to help these startups add the right product features and prepare them for certifications and mass production. Working with startups is very compelling. It’s refreshing and encouraging to solve common problems in new and clever ways.”

Julio has helped bring products to life. From feasibility studies and designs to testing and certification, he’s seen products all the way through to mass production. He specializes in low-power RF designs and fields questions on antennas, range, and layout challenges.

When he’s not helping a Highway1 startup solve a problem, Julio’s still busy. Hardware is an ever-changing industry, he says, and he likes to stay current on recent developments in fields ranging from consumer electronics to healthcare and beyond. To Julio, the most exciting part of his job is, well, everything. “I’m immersed in the most dynamic startup ecosystem: working with amazing teams on cutting-edge technologies that will improve lives and disrupt markets. What else could you ask for?”

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