Dave Merrill

Dave is an expert in next-generation technologies with deep background in sensors and user interfaces. He loves making physical+digital tools that give people new powers.

David Merrill is the VP of Enabling Technology at 3D Robotics, where he scouts and evaluates technology for the creation of future flying robots. 3D Robotics, based in Berkeley, California, is the largest American maker of drones for consumer and professional use.

David was formerly president and co-founder of Sifteo, a San Francisco hardware+software startup spun out of his research at the MIT Media Lab. He has built multiple award-winning interfaces and technologies that reshape how people use computers. Dave and his work have been featured at TED, MoMA, the Discovery Channel, Popular Science, and Wired.

David holds a BS in Symbolic Systems and an MS in Computer Science from Stanford University, and an MS and PhD from the MIT Media Lab.

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