Dakota Boin

Is your device smart? Does it connect to your phone? Is it uploading data to the cloud? If you haven't already, you need to talk to Dakota Boin, Highway1's firmware engineer.

“My specialty is embedded computing, which is basically any computing that happens inside your product,” Dakota explains. “That also means I manage the connectivity of your device to the cloud. Most connected devices are sensor platforms with the ability to upload.”

After graduating from RIT with a degree in computer engineering technology, Dakota started his career at Lockitron. From there he had a string of oddly-coincidental work with Highway1 alumni Birdi and Ayda before joining the Highway1 team. The question Dakota hears the most is some variation on “What chip should I use?” His answer: “It depends on your product requirements. What are you optimizing for? What are your biggest constraints? Power, size, cost, speed, features, and availability (among others) are things you need to balance when picking any technology to use. Choosing the right parts can save you weeks of development or thousands of dollars in additional board spins. Helping companies make the right decisions first is a major part of the work I do at Highway1.”

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