Brian Lee

Brian's had a wide range of experience in both industrial and commercial spaces, including developing last-mile solutions for cable companies.

If you’ve ever wondered where the cable people get those esoteric devices they’re always wielding whenever they show up for an install, Brian can tell you.

More importantly, Brian can help you get a handle on your own device, working with you to go from a prototype to a custom PCB that can be manufactured by the thousands.

Got questions about your BOM? Thinking about futureproofing your product? Wondering how you’re even gonna test it once it’s off the assembly line? Find Brian. Even if you’re just daunted by the prospect of putting it all together, don’t worry, he says: it’s normal. “Components are getting smaller and smaller, so anytime you work with your hands it’s a craft — something you learn and perfect over time. That’s what I get asked the most: how would you install this particular part?”

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