Brian Frank

Brian has passion for building products that fit well into the lives of consumers, improving how millions of people work, play, or learn through technology.

Brian Frank is a successful high-tech entrepreneur and product leader investing in improving the food system from farm to table through the responsible application of technology, including software, hardware, and even ‘wetware’ (biotech) innovations.

Brian made his name in the consumer web & mobile sectors with close to 20 years of product experience building innovative hardware and software solutions that touched the lives of millions, if not billions, of consumers worldwide through his numerous product roles at large companies such as Palm, Adobe, and Twitter, as well as startups such as bCandid (acquired by, Posterous (acquired by Twitter), and Timeful (acquired by Google).

In 2015, Brian moved into the burgeoning area of food tech and became a mentor for startups creating innovating products for the food system at leading biotech, hardware, software, and food Incubators, including, Lemnos Labs, Highway1, HAX, Food-X, Reimagine Foods, and 500Startups.

As an angel Investor, Brian has backed Nomiku, Proper Foods, Gelzen, and a yet-to-be-announced container farming business to improve our access to healthy, safe, sustainable, and enjoyable food products. He also spends his free time as an advisor to many food tech startups including Teforia, Nima Sensor, Drop Kitchen, Memphis Meats, Dishcraft, and many others.

Brian has been identified as a leading investor in the food tech space by Bloomberg West, NPR, Fast Company, and many other publications. He has also spoken about innovations in science and technology for the food system at many national events, and has co-produced events such as the SXSW 2016 Future of Food Pavilion, the Smart Kitchen Summit, and FoodLovesTech.

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