Aaron Gebauer

Aaron Gebauer is a mechanical design engineer who develops products from concept to post-production support, and offers 20 years of insight to propel new ideas into the market place.

Aaron’s previous work includes consumer products, medical devices, and commercial equipment.

In particular, Aaron leads teams to achieve balance in mechanical design and manufacturing practice by integrating customer perspectives and internal business objectives. Aaron also successfully operated as an independent mechanical design services provider, building his client base through repeat business and referrals.

Most recently, Aaron is Principal Mechanical Design Engineer with Orbio Technologies. Orbio’s on-site cleaning solution generators produce two types of cleaning chemicals using water, salt and electricity. This offsets the use of conventional cleaning chemicals cost-effectively while having a less severe effect on operators and the environment. Orbio faced challenges of introducing new technology to an established market, and developing an innovative start-up organization within an established business structure. Aaron navigated these challenges with effective design solutions, but also through team leadership and organization.

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