Our Alumni - 2015


UpDroid is building a universal platform to unlock the transformational potential of robotic technology.

The Updroid platform is built on a powerful open source software architecture, wrapped in an intuitive browser based programming interface, brought to life with a low-cost, high-function robot, the UP1.

As the most affordable and easiest way to build robotics, UpDroid is giving developers, professionals, and higher educators access to advanced robotics like never before.

Mike Lewis and Kartik Tiwari conceived UpDroid in 2013 while both working towards a Master’s degree in Robotic System Development at the Robotics Institute at Carnegie Mellon University.

After graduating from BoostVC in 2014, the team was joined by mechanical engineer and industrial designer Daniel Ramirez-Maluendas and full stack web developer Don Huynh.


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