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Making boat ownership easier and more rewarding

Telegnos is passionate about keeping boats and boaters safe. The Telegnos Suite includes a location tracker, Telegnos offers boat owners and managers peace of mind through remote access and control, reducing the potential financial costs of undiagnosed problems and catastrophic disasters, while increasing profits from rentals. The Telegnos Suite allows users to spend less time and money on maintenance and other issues.

The Telegnos Team

Telegnos was founded by Edward Moss, Michael Plocek, and Jason Rossi in 2017. The three have been close friends for well over a decade. Their combined technical expertise, along with their passion for sailing, led them to create the fi rst Telegnos proof of concept. Kathy Ahn and Pascal Gravelin joined the team in early 2017. The team members have worked at Google, ServiceNow, BTS, and Skully. Together, they have decades of combined experience in building and managing large, scalable systems, remote monitoring, software development, electrical engineering, and hardware prototyping.

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Telegnos is a suite of hardware and software solutions that simplify boat ownership, management, and rentals for individuals and charter companies through remote access, monitoring, and online services.

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