Our Alumni - 2017

Super Carbon

Fast chargers for accelerated mobility

Super Carbon is driving the next generation of fast chargers for electric vehicles. Using existing infrastructure, an electric vehicle can be rapidly charged from a bank of proprietary carbon batteries. We have developed a proprietary process for creating graphene super capacitors carbon batteries. Our carbon batteries can charge 1000x faster than lithium ion, have 100x the lifespan — all without the risk of fire or explosion and at a fraction of the cost.

The Super Carbon Team

After graduating with degrees in electrical engineering and founding a makerspace at Lakehead University in Canada’s Thunder Bay, Bradley Momberg and Kyle Rodrigues began investigating the energy storage properties of graphene. Determined to take this technology from the lab to electric vehicles of the future, Momberg and Rodrigues founded Super Carbon in 2017.

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Super Carbon's batteries charge faster and last longer for a fraction of the cost, without the risk of fire or explosion.

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