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Spinn is redefining the coffee industry with a one of a kind in-home brewing experience.

Employing patented centrifugal brewing technology, Spinn uses fresh beans to brew delicious, café quality espresso, Americano, French Press or drip coffee at the push of a button.

An online marketplace integrated with the brewer through a mobile app connects customers to local coffee roasters, automatically replenishing beans and loading the roaster’s recipes to the coffee maker to ensure the coffee is brewed as the roaster intended.

Even more, Spinn eliminates the wasteful and expensive pods required by other single serving in home brewers.

Spinn was founded by Roland Verbeek, Serge de Warrimont and Roderick de Rode to bring quality coffee back to the home coffee brewing industry.

The three combine years of expertise in marketing, brand building, industrial design and online expertise at companies such as Dell and Microsoft to create a unique brewing experience based on patented centrifugal technology. Founded in 2014 in Amsterdam, the Spinn coffee maker will be available in homes next year.

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