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Sereneti Kitchen is bringing home cooked meals to those without the know-how, time, or ability to cook for themselves.

Sereneti Kitchen’s first products are Cooki, a robotic cooking appliance that prepares single-pot meals with fresh ingredients and Foodi, an app ecosystem of recipes.

Trays of fresh ingredients are packaged in a meal kit and delivered to a consumer’s home, where it can be stored until time to eat. When ready, the ingredient trays are placed into Cooki, the corresponding recipe is selected on Foodi and activated with the touch of a single button. Foodi will alert the user when their meal is hot and ready.

Sereneti Kitchen was founded by Haidee and Helen Chen and Jesse Rosalia, who met at the Georgia Tech Institute for Robotics & Intelligent Machines in Atlanta.

The team was later joined by Timothy Chen, a robotics expert with a decade of experience in human to machine interaction. Together, they will bring home cooked meals to millions. Sereneti Kitchen launched as a finalist at the 2015 CES TechCrunch Hardware Battlefield.

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