Our Alumni - 2017

Osmo Systems

Intelligence to grow your aquatic farm

Osmo Systems is helping the world’s largest fish and shrimp farms monitor their water quality online. The company’s first product, OsmoBot, helps increase yields and efficiency by eliminating manual testing and automatically tracking and uploading the most important aquatic parameters to the cloud. This gives farm managers unprecedented insight into their water quality with minimal skill required by employees, all at a price that is scalable across thousands of tanks and ponds. The company has pre-sold 50 units to small farms and universities in North America, and has a LOI and testing agreement with one of the world’s largest shrimp hatcheries.

The Osmo Systems Team

Paul Holowko, a 30-year systems engineer, originally developed OsmoBot’s sensor technology in his garage to be used in a biospheres passion project. Realizing the technology was greatly needed in the large-scale fish farming industry, Paul asked CEO Zach Stein, an entrepreneur with a background in urban agriculture, to join the team in 2016. To round out the founding team, Zach, in turn, brought on his childhood friend James Regulinski, a mechanical engineer and Olin School of Engineering graduate.

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Automate your water quality and feed management to optimize growth rates, FCR, and yields in every pond.

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