Our Alumni - 2017

Orbityl Labs

Neurotechnology for the masses

Orbityl Labs is creating technology to detect a person’s thoughts and control computers, using unobtrusive hardware. Orbityl uses advanced machine learning and brain imaging to detect specific brain signals. This technology will be able to integrate into existing earbuds, and thoughts will be used to trigger automated workflows like adjusting the music or checking notifications. Orbityl’s mission is to make neurotechnology accessible and practical.

The Orbityl Team

Sean Kaiser and Kristina Pearkes are graduates of McGill University in Montreal with degrees in engineering. Orbityl was conceived by Sean and Kristina as part of the NEXT Canada development program, where in 2017 they won the Outstanding Venture Award.

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Orbityl presents the world's first earbuds that let you control things with your mind.

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