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OpenBike is the connected bicycle ecosystem's hardware platform and operating system.

OpenBike is an on­-bike hardware and software package built to empower the bicycle of tomorrow. It is the platform for the connected bicycle ecosystem.

OpenBike enables lights, sensors, and other electronics to be integrated as standard equipment.

One on-bike network enables component interoperability regardless of brand.

One shared connection links the bike and its data to apps and cloud­-based services for diagnostics, support, fitness tracking and more.

One battery powers all components, charges as you ride, and tops-off your phone. A turnkey solution, OpenBike makes new safety, security, and convenience features not only possible, but accessible.

The OpenBike Team

OpenBike was founded in 2015 by Randall Jacobs and Kyle Manna. A former pro mountain biker with two amateur national championships, Randall has worked in bike shops, lead business and product development at a Chinese supply-chain company, and most recently developed bicycle lines for Specialized Bicycle Components.

Kyle Manna is an embedded systems engineer who has brought hardware from early prototype to mass production. A road bike enthusiast, Kyle also enjoys hacking on quadcopters and contributing to open source projects.


One battery powers everything, charges as you pedal, and maintains your phone. One network enables universal interoperability and automation. And one gateway to apps & services harmonizes the user experience.

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