Our Alumni - 2016


Okio creates kid friendly communication devices for parents to stay in touch with their children.

Okio is a simple voice messaging link between parents and their kids, utilizing a smartphone app and a discreet device kept by the child.

Designed by parents to fit into a child’s everyday life, Okio is a unique wearable that is convenient and unobtrusive for children ages 5-­12.

Okio utilizes LTE Cat-M, a low-throughput, low-energy cellular protocol designed to send short messages efficiently and cost effectively across IoT devices.

The Okio Team

After selling his wireless engineering services company, Cozybit, to a major telecommunications company in 2014, Javier Cardona was ready for a new project.

Javier started experimenting with communications tools to keep in touch with his two children. Through testing with other parents, he found a universal desire to send non-intrusive messages to their kids without relying on a smartphone.

Javier founded Okio in 2015, and was joined shortly after by Pia Lozano, who brought her experience in business operations with companies including Gap and Sephora.


We use kid-friendly communication to send and receive voice messages in a simple and reliable way.

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