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Every second, there are 660,000 drivers handling cellphones or manipulating electronic devices while on the road. It is time for that to end.

O6’s PK Mishra could see the result he wanted, but the path that led there was hidden. “We had a proof-of-concept device,” he says of O6’s early days in his garage, “but of course, it needed work.” To get to a full works-like/looks-like prototype they could show investors and manufacture at scale, O6 knew they needed Highway1.

“Building a product is complex,” Mishra asserts, “and the key is to identify risks early on and try to mitigate them. In terms of developing the hardware, the market, the customer, or the business, there are so many unknowns that we didn’t know what the problem space looked like when we were starting out.

Highway1's whole program is about not only building a product, but putting it and your business under scrutiny to try to identify the risks. That's been its greatest value to us.

Mishra’s also quick to point out the community of peers in O6’s Highway1 cohort, where startups helping startups was the norm. “Shadowman Sports connected us with experts in this field,” he recalls, “and FishBit gave us advice on miniaturizing our board design. One startup who helped us a lot was Switchmate. To this
day, I still email them whenever I encounter an issue that I don’t have an answer to, and I can always count on a reply.”

Highway1’s own engineering staff were also instrumental in building and improving O6’s technology, Mishra notes, particularly Jon Carver, Brian Lee, and design lead Marcus Gosling.

“Overall, the Highway1 experience has been of immense value to us and to our product’s development.”

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