Our Alumni - 2015


Nexi is a home energy monitoring system that inspires users to take immediate action to lower electricity bills and live more sustainably.

Our intuitive and elegant device plugs into any outlet, glowing radiant colors that represent real time energy use in the home. Users can track their progress through a web app and set alerts to their smartphone. Nexi is already installed in 270 homes across California.

Co-founders Kimberli Hudson, Lonny Grafman, and Gabriel Krause have been friends and collaborators for nearly 15 years. Combining their experience in entrepreneurship, engineering, design and technology, they have traveled the world building community-based sustainability projects. Nexi was born out of a common finding across their projects that the key to inspiring behavior change is to engage people on an emotional level. Lana Olson was hired shortly after to support their rapid growth.

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