Our Alumni - 2015


MOTI builds products that help people craft happier and healthier lives, unlocking insights from behavioral science, social robotics and the quantified-self movement.

The first MOTI is a personable smart object that makes habit formation delightful and rewarding. Based on Habit Loop Theory and the science of environmental cues, MOTI goes deeper than just numbers and tracking by understanding how we emotionally connect with technology. MOTI is currently shipping 100 pilot units to users across the U.S.

Kayla Matheus founded MOTI based on her own struggle to form good habits. A mechanical engineering and studio art graduate of Yale University and former designer at SC Johnson, Kayla refined MOTI while participating in the 30 Weeks design entrepreneurship program in New York City. She then assembled a team including Sevan Gatsby, a creative communicator and marketer, Christopher Matheus, a developer with over 25 years of experience in artificial intelligence and Internet technologies, Zhang Zhang, a Yale MBA candidate with a knack for firmware development and Luke de Oliveira, a data science graduate student at Stanford.

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