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The world's first molecular air purifier.

Molekule uses nanotechnology to break down and completely eliminate pollutants on a molecular level. Allergens, mold, bacteria, viruses and airborne chemicals are converted into harmless elements that are meant to be in the air.

With this new approach, Molekule destroys the full spectrum of today’s pollutants including those 1000x smaller than what a HEPA filter can catch.

While current air purifiers try to catch pollutants in filters, Molekule disassembles and converts pollutants into harmless elements, like trace amounts of water and carbon dioxide. This is done by creating a catalytic reaction that happens when a nanoparticle­coated filter is activated by light.

Pollutants are broken down into their most basic molecular components, making them safe for us to breathe.

Molekule was created by Yogi Goswami, Ph.D., in his pursuit for an air purification technology capable of relieving his son’s severe asthma and allergy problems.

Finding current air purification devices unsatisfactory, he applied his research in solar technology to create an indoor air purifier more powerful than anything available on the market.

Dr. Goswami founded Molekule in 2014 with his son Dilip and daughter Jaya to help the 40 million allergy and 25 million asthma sufferers in the US and many more around the world.


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