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LookSee is a connected bracelet that displays on an always-on flexible display.

Using the LookSee app, users can customize their look at their convenience. The display can be updated based on time, context, and mood for ultimate self-expression.

LookSee combines a large, flexible, grayscale display and Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity to provide ultra-long battery life measured in months.

Based in Oakland California, LookSee Labs is creating technology products for self-expression in the digital age.

LookSee arrived at Highway1 with a functioning prototype, but that wasn’t the only thing they’d been working on; Per Ljung and his team had done their homework. “I’d been working in industrial R&D at places like Nokia and Motorola; we had good exposure with large companies, but not with the investment communities or makers,” Ljung recalls. “We were pretty sure we could handle the tech ourselves, but we thought: ‘What else do we need?'” A few holes identified themselves around things like design, branding, building the company, and gaining exposure. “We started looking at various accelerators, and Highway1 was the most impressive by far.”

Did it work out? “There were three massive payoffs,” Ljung says.

The trip to China, first of all, was a vital, eye-opening introduction to the places where the actual production gets done. “Now we’re absolutely fine planning our own trip — going back and finding the vendors we want to meet.”

The frequent open houses were also extremely valuable, full of “thousands of people poking and prodding. We always got a fantastic reaction; people were two or three deep at our demo table every single time. We knew there was something there.”

Finally, coaching from PCH’s Cilian Fennell on their pitch, which was “absolutely phenomenal.” Each company practiced their pitches with each other numerous times over the course of the program, but Fennell only ever needed to hear a pitch once before delivering helpful, friendly critique that was “always spot-on.”

Shortly after graduating, LookSee went on to become a finalist at the TechCrunch Hardware Battlefield at CES 2015, and are gearing up for their preorder campaign. Asked if he had any advice for a new Highway1 member, Ljung answeres: “Going in, you have to have a pretty advanced prototype; leaving, you have to have a working company. There’s a gigantic jump between those two. Realizing that and getting coaching and mentoring on all those other aspects was very, very valuable.”

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