Our Alumni - 2015


LensBricks is making the world’s smartest consumer imaging technology.

VidalifeTM, the company’s first product, is a smart home camera, which allows users to capture authentic, spontaneous moments – the Big Little Moments – that often make our fondest memories.

Vidalife combines a number of sensors with advanced audio and visual recognition software to effortlessly and automatically identify the moments worth remembering in everyday life. Never miss a Big Little Moment with loved ones again.

Even more, Vidalife places you in the moment so that you are part of the action rather than behind the camera. Simply turn on Vidalife and let the memories unfold.

The Lensbricks team is comprised of some of the world’s foremost experts in advanced imaging technology, led by founders Raji Kannan, former head of Nokia’s Imaging R&D and Pranav Mishra, formerly a computational imaging researcher at Nokia Research Center.

Raji and Pranav founded Lensbricks in December 2013 with the mission of creating the world’s first smart home camera. The company relocated to San Francisco in the beginning of 2015 to accelerate their time to market with their first product, Vidalife, set to launch in Autumn of 2015.

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