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Fast, accurate chemical analysis

HydroVirga is developing a portable, high resolution, low cost sensor platform that revolves around the same principle that powers magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) systems. HydroVirga’s precision technology can be tuned to detect a variety of different chemicals, with a wide range of applications from water analysis to drug testing.

The HydroVirga Team

George Farquar, PhD and Julie Bowen, PhD worked at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and together conceived of HydroVirga while developing miniaturized, easy-to-carry magnetic resonance detection technology, and teamed up with serial entrepreneur Mark Stephenson to get the company off the ground. The team has 50 years of combined experience in water testing and magnetic resonance science.

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HydroVirga's sensor technology eliminates the need for dyes and reagents, enabling fast, scalable water contaminant testing.

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