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FlipFlic is the first plug-and-play solution to instantly transform old window blinds into a smart home appliance.

Snap FlipFlic onto your existing blinds with one click! It will maintain the ideal level of indoor light and temperature throughout the day.

Intelligent control of light and temperature can save homeowners 18 percent on monthly energy costs.

FlipFlic is controlled with a smartphone app, and can be integrated directly into smart home systems such as iControl Networks, Control4, SmartThings, and Apple HomeKit.

In May 2016 FlipFlic introduced two new designs and successfully crowdfunded them on Kickstarter. Now the team is setting up manufacturing and works with a #1 blinds brand in the USA on testing and R&D.

Like many great startups, the idea for FlipFlic was spawned by personal need, tired of opening and closing the blinds on 20 windows in their apartment every day.

Experienced working at several online startups, the team of Ksenia Vinogradova, CEO, Sergey Vinogradov, CTO, and Dmitry Vinogradov, CPO saw an immediate opportunity in the rise of smarthome technology to build a connected blind controller.

FlipFlic combines Dmitri’s experience in design and architecture with Sergei’s software and hardware development skills and Ksenia’s background in marketing and business development.


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