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FarmHub is leading the data revolution in modern farming.

FarmHub makes efficient, precision agriculture possible with the most accurate weather data available, collected from a local weather station on your farm, seamlessly integrated with the cloud for real time decision-making.

Rooted in the open source agriculture tech movement, FarmHub’s cloud data is available through an open API for direct integration with other agriculture data management tools. FarmHub gives agriculture producers the weather data they need to maximize harvest yield.

FarmHub was founded by Louis Thiery after a year of building prototypes with farmers of the Farm Hack community. Demand surged for an early prototype of a connected weather station he built based on an initial Kickstarter.

Louis was next joined by Hao Chen, a web developer, and Colin Dignam, who had experience building a wireless monitoring network for maple saps lines in the Green Mountains of Vermont.

Together, they took the weather station from rough prototype to commercial grade weather station, of which the company is set to ship the beta version of to partners around the world, the first step in sprouting the modern farming data revolution.


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