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Drop is re-imagining the kitchen with a new connected cooking platform that intuitively leads home cooks step-by-step through finding, making and sharing delicious creations.

Drop’s first product is an iPad-connected kitchen scale for bakers who want consistently great results from handpicked, interactive recipes.

Drop has the smarts to rescale quantities, offer substitutions and share tips, so anyone can be a baking hero.

Drop was founded in 2012 by a group of designers in Dublin, passionate about bringing people back into the kitchen. Drop is currently shipping and available at the Apple Store.

If you’ve been to an Apple store lately, you might’ve seen the Drop connected kitchen scale somewhere inside. “We were the very first Highway1 company to ship product,” CEO Ben Harris says proudly.

Coming from an industrial design and mechanical engineering background with James Leckey Design, Harris has been asked why he took his company to Highway1 when he already had experience in mass production.


It was because of my experience that I knew the value a company like PCH could add.

As part of the very first class, Harris recalls “the paint was still wet on the walls.”

Still, “I learned a huge amount through the program. It was great to have conversations with tooling engineers about mass production and design for manufacture that you’d assume would be the core thing a PCH-run hardware accelerator would bring, but the most value I got was from understanding how you can leverage the supply chain, plus all the other pieces to a company: building culture, the legal intricacies and pitfalls, getting people like Sonny Vu and Marc Barros who’d been through all of it before.”

To Harris, the most valuable takeaway isn’t quantifiable, exactly: “It’s a mentality more than anything, one that surprises me every time I land in San Francisco when I leave Dublin, which is just that you can do anything.”

With their first product already in Apple stores across the US, Canada, and the UK (and that’s just for starters), Drop may have already proven that to be true.

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